Travel Laundry Detergent Solutions For Messy Travelers

Dirty pile of laundry
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Whether you’re a parent or a business traveler (or both!), you’ll want to stash these life-saving solutions in your suitcase.

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Never pay for pricey hotel laundry service again. Instead, take matters into your own hands with these five carry-on ready, on-the-road alternatives. Consider this your checklist for packing the perfect (wardrobe) emergency-proof suitcase.

Dissolvable detergent sheets from Sea to Summit won’t spill on the go—just add a few to a sinkful of water. $4.50 for 50 sheets. 

Lewis N. Clark’s Laundry Kit includes a drain stopper and eight travel-size portions of Woolite. $6.90. 

Forever New fabric wash is formulated for hand washing and comes in a space-saving mini bottle. Just five ounces is enough to cover ten washes. $4.32.

It’s meant for spot cleaning rather than a sink full of laundry, but Tide To Goworks surprisingly well—even on red wine stains.  $4.41.

Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser Plus comes in TSA-approved bottles. Use it like Febreeze to freshen clothing for repeat wears, or to smooth creases from items in a tightly packed suitcase. $1.99.

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